DVD Slideshow

Your first CD or DVD is included with your order. This includes a custom sleeve cover of your choosing which will also be the label on your DVD.

Additional copies = $10.00 each

We will keep a master copy for one year should you need additional copies.

up to 50 photos $ 125.00 Approx 5 minutes running time
up to 100 photos $ 175.00 Approx 10 minutes running time
up to 150 photos $ 225.00 Approx 15 minutes running time
up to 200 photos $ 275.00 Approx 20 minutes running time
200 + photos $ call or email 25 + minutes running time

Scanning and basic color correction is included at all price levels.

Retouching and Restoration

Simple restoration is only $20 per photo

Complex or advanced restoration is up to $50 per image.

Photo Manipulation cost depends on the complexity of the job. Prices start at $20.00 per image

I will let you know what is needed after I review the images. No work will be done without your approval with our 100% guarantee, you dont pay for it if you dont like it.