DVD Slideshows

Our DVD Slideshows Include...

  • DVD slide show created to your specifications
  • Free consultation on your slide show
  • Expert attention to detail
  • Unlimited background music of your choosing
  • Custom DVD Case and "Label"
  • Title Slide(s)
  • Expert-quality Photo Scanning
  • Photo Adjustment and Color correction
  • Photo Captions
  • Numerous Photo transitions
  • Pan, Scan, Zoom of Photos effects


Getting Started:

  1. Schedule your free consultation - Call us at (480) 639-4476 or email help@memoriesnotlost.com
  2. Choose you photos - This may be difficult but it can be done! Go through your photos - choose your best photos and put them in a pile. Once you have collected the photographs you want to use make a list.You will want to make sure you haven't left someone out.
  3. Put them in order - Arrange your photographs in chronological order. If you would like to include a caption, write it on a sticky note and put it on the back of the photo. Please do not write on your photographs.
  4. Decide what type of show you would like - Do you want and emotional and slow moving show or would you prefer a peppy and uplifting video? Perhaps you would like to have a range of emotions within the show, combining songs to set the mood. Deciding this will greatly assist you in selecting the music for your soundtrack. We can give suggestions, however, choosing music is a very personal decision. You may provide us with your original CD or we will purchase music on your behalf. You must own each song for your personal use to comply with copyright laws. The number of photos you have will determine how many songs you will need. A good rule of thumb is 5-6 seconds of song time per photograph. We can adjust the speed of the transitions between photos to make them fit particular songs, but we may ask you to choose more music if you have too many photos.
  5. Prepare your materials for shipment - It is recommended that you send your photos via an insured trackable method. Be sure to package them so that your photos will not be damaged. We recommend using sealable plastic bags to protect against dirt or moisture. We will professionally pack your pictures in much the same way for their return trip to you.
  6. Help us to make your video perfect - We will contact you upon receipt of your photos to confirm that they have arrived and to discuss any particulars which may not be clear in the instructions you have provided. We will assess all of the photos and make recommendations on any repair or restoration which may be required.


  • Anniversary - Fond memories, first place you met, your wedding, favorite times together.
  • Athletic Competition - Recap highlights, awards, exciting plays! Send a demo to college recruiters!
  • Award Ceremony - Relive and share your proudest moments.
  • Baby Shower / Baby's 1st Year - The precious moments to remember for years to come.
  • Birthday Party - Starring you, your family, your friends.
  • Business Presentation - Professional presentations custom produced.
  • Children - A family video photo album to take to work to show coworkers.
  • Commemoration - Treasured, remembered, celebrated.
  • Couple's Story - Meeting, growing up, courtship, getting engaged - great for a rehearsal dinner!
  • Family Reunion - Your family and relatives most cherished gatherings, make copies for everyone!
  • Friends - Remembering and sharing the best of times.
  • Genealogy / Family Tree - Your family tree, legacy, family heirlooms, all in a video you can watch at family gatherings.
  • Graduation - Sports, clubs, prom, pep rallies, graduation, friends.
  • Memorial - A meaningful way to remember a loved one.
  • Military Family - Share your proud history of service to your country with family and friends.
  • Personal Story / Biography - Your life's story, told the way you want it.
  • Remember Your Pet - Fondest memories of your best friend.
  • Retirement Memories - Celebrate those special coworkers, friends and times from your career.
  • Summer Camp - Unforgettable memories of your kids and their friends.
  • Tribute - Honor those you love with a touching tribute on DVD.
  • Vacation - Live the sights and sounds with your family all over again.
  • Wedding - Your wedding videos and photos in an elegant DVD you can send to friends and family.